Wednesday, 11 September 2013

6. Storyboard & Animatic

Before drawing the storyboard proper, I worked through a couple of thumbnail boards. Doing this always helps me to be really loose with the shots and the action, and not get distracted by being too precious with the drawings themselves. Then when I have worked out the flow of action and basic shots, I can move on to more detailed drawings. I also began making the puppets and went on the first location recce before starting on the final board, so that I could get a better idea of the camera angles and possible backgrounds that I wanted to use. I find it really helpful to take snaps of possible shot angles on recces so I can use them as reference for my drawings. In the end I did a couple of different versions of the storyboard. But here is the final final version:


Because I come from an animation background, I am used to making an animatic for every project that I direct. So even though this film is live action puppets, I did an early animatic just to give me a sense of the pace of the film and what I could fit into the 3 minutes. It was useful for those reasons but I didn't refer to it much or do more than one version, as I didn't want the action to become stilted. I wanted to leave a bit of room for manoeuvre and ideas to develop.

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