Wednesday, 11 September 2013

15. The Shoot

As the shoot dates approached I became more and more nervous as the weather was appalling. It had been raining pretty much non-stop for weeks. The puppets and props being made of cardboard, would just disintegrate if we tried to do anything with them in those conditions. The worst case scenario I was faced with was not being able to shoot anything at all, and then not being able to afford to reschedule. All the equipment, transport and catering had been booked for the bank holiday weekend.  I was still painting props up to the wire, and sitting in the attic looking out of the window at what was essentially a monsoon, I was feeling decidedly on edge. Rupert called me and said 'don't look out the window, the BBC weather forecast says it'll be fine'. And then a miracle happened. We woke up on the Saturday morning to clear skies. These freak weather conditions continued over the three days. At some point we were actually sun-bathing on our lunch break. Then on the morning of Tuesday the 28th May with the film in the can, I woke up, went to window and looked out at a deluge of rain. Major fluke. Almost unbelievable.

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